Sunday, December 27, 2009


On Christmas morning all of us were really excited. All the kids woke up really early even Lily. We wanted to go downstairs but my mom and dad weren’t awake. Finally they woke up and came into our room. When we went started looking through our stockings Max came in. He got a new ball and loves it. I got some spy stuff from Santa and a new bike from my parents. I love my bike it is a sea green beach cruiser. Ade got a makeup kit and gave us all makeovers. After our Christmas dinner Lily dressed up as a bandit. I rode my bike for a while it was so much fun. I had a great Christmas!


Christmas eve was really fun. We did so many fun things. We went to Pirate Island Pizza, the movie Princess and the Frog, made ginger bread men and a house, and went to see some dancing lights. I had a lot of fun.


I recently had a choir concert. It was really fun. All the songs were really challenging. One we sang last year but it was so hard that we had to try it again this year. This year was Morgan’s first performance. She was really excited. After the performance my friend Sarah, Morgan, and I got our picture taken. That performance was really fun.